Greetings, I’m Logan Bradford, a licensed architecture, builder, and carpenter. I have more than a decade of experience constructing modern residential buildings, but more importantly, I’m quite obsessed with woodwork. Where most builders grew up playing with legos, I spent most of my time ruining my granny’s wooden figurines (she had a lot of them).

It’s thanks to this obsession that I’m glad to do anything from building kitchen cabinets to designing custom furniture, even when many colleagues think I shouldn’t bother with these projects. Oh well, I ignored them to the point that I created this blog specifically to indulge my wooden construction interests. Omara Building also dwells on areas I specialize in, including modern architecture and sustainable housing options like earthships.

I created Omara Building with a mission to deliver expert guidance and information to those who need it, specifically people who are new to woodworking, carpentry, woodworking fanatics like me, or excited upcoming dads that just want to build a nursery.